Hoi An Excursions

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Hoi An Biking tour half day
  • Experience bicycle tour around Hoi An
  • Visit houses for worshipping ancestors and houses of handicraft-men

Price from $12
Hoi An city tour half day
  • Walk to the ancient town and do shopping at the old town
  • Visit the Kwan Temple , Phuc Kien Chinese Assembly Hall, Tan Ky old House, Japanese Bridge and cultural show rooms

Price from $22
Thu Bon River sunset boat trip
  • Discover the daily life of the people there
  • Visit Cua Dai estuary, Co Co River and Bay Mau neap
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery along both banks of the river and the many boats bobbing on the waters

Price from $22
Tra Nhieu fishing village half day
  • Enjoy fresh air, beautiful and poetic scenery
  • Visit all the village roads winding around local garden houses
  • See some traditional handicrafts, community activities related to the river life
  • Walk through the village, the more peaceful and simple you feel about the local life

Price from $35
Thanh Ha – Kim Bong Experience (3 hours)
  • Visit Kim Bong carpentry village, the ship-building yards
  • Observe all the steps of making a pottery product such as vase, pot, kettle, cooking pot
  • Learn and enjoy the daily life of Thanh Ha people and listen to the history of the village

Price from $19
Hoi An Lantern Making (2 hours)
  • Ride a normal bicycle to the home of a craftsman in the city.
  • Learn about history, shape, and color of the lanterns as well as the many stages of making them.

Price from $18
Tra Que Vegetable Village Half day
  • Join gardening activities, cooking with ‘Tam Huu’ spring roll
  • Have a chance to visit vegetable garden and listen to the history of the village

Price from $30