Quang Binh

Quang Binh is a province in the upper middle region of Vietnam. The width of the province is relatively short, only 50 km from its border with Lao to the seashore, making it the narrowest province on the map of Vietnam. Quang Binh adjoins Ha Tinh in the North, Quang Tri in the South, East Sea in the East and Lao’s Kham Muon Province in the West.

The province has a pretty narrow and steep topography. While 85% of the total area is mountains, there are also other types of terrain such as hills, valleys, highlands, plains, etc. However, almost all of the areas in the West of Quang Binh are mountains, which usually have the height of 1’000 to 1’500, among which Phi Co Pi is the highest peak. On the East side, there are many beautiful beaches along the seashore.
As Quang Binh is both the intersection of many cultural movements and the battle ground of two wars in the 20th century, it has many cultural and historical sites that are worth visiting. Another the reason is that it is a province where we can find many ethnic groups whose cultures and traditions are extremely diverse and interesting. Besides, with a 116.04 km long coastline, Quang Binh has a stable foundation to develop tourism. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is an interesting natural wonder which was recognized by UNESCO as world heritage in July, 2003. In addition, Hoang Phuc Pagoda, Quang Binh Gate, and Dong Hoi fortress are also the sites that you should not miss.

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